A Matter Of Simple Deduction

from by The Taxpayers



And speaking of which, even Jim Morrison thinks it's the goddamn end! Please, just don't go running to religion when the shit hits the fan, because even if there IS the kind of God that most holy books describe, it probably wouldn't want the eternal souls of most Christians (or those from any other organized religions, for that matter).


I was walking alone in an unfamiliar town when the buildings started to shiver and shake.
Shimmering rain came down in sheets and then glittered like glass on the empty streets.
I could see your face in the wind;
I could hear the orchestral storm begin to sing:
“It's the end, it's the goddamn end! Come on, baby, light that fire!”

It's a matter of simple deduction.
It's a matter of complete control.
You can hold hands with the man in the tower,
but you just can't guarantee a place for your soul.

So there I was, right? Stuck in the street.
Not a soul for miles, on my own two feet.
Glittering glass, piles of trash, stuttering into the w-w-wind.
I could see your face in the air,
I could taste your skin on my lips.
But this is the end, this is the END! Come on, baby, light that fire!


from To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal (2010), released January 1, 2010




The Taxpayers Portland, Oregon

The Taxpayers originated in 2007 in Portland, Oregon. These days they are spread out all over the place. Rob Taxpayer sings and plays guitar, Noah Taxpayer plays drums, Dylan Taxpayer sings and plays accordion and keyboard, Phil Gobstopper plays bass, Kevin Taxpayer plays trumpet, Alex Saxplayer plays Baritone Saxophone, and Andrew Taxpayer plays Banjo and Guitar. ... more

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